Lexus, Remote Key (LXP90, Short Blade) Shell


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1998 - 2009 Lexus, Remote Key Shell, Uncut Blank Key Blade (LXP90, Short Blade)


Note: Please compare carefully before placing an order.

Important hint:
1. Each item is shipped by strict inspection before they ship.
2. completely replace the original motor, so you like a new key.
3. Production of high-quality materials and elaborate production.
4. If you have questions or do not understand, please contact us and do our best to answer your questions.
5. Compare the picture carefully before placing an order

1.This item is a complete remote with interior (remote/electronics/transponder chips) inside. BUT NO Batteries!
2.Please make sure your original remote is the same.
3.You must program this remote key in the locksmith store.
4.This listing comes with an uncut key blade. you must cut the key blade in the locksmith store.
5.Please compare the key blade and internal structure to make sure it matches your original remote key.

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